Focus on Safeness through Testing and Verification


The retractable function of the strap was conducted 10,000 times to clear the testing for the durability of the strap and spring.



When the strap is pulled with 13 to 19kg force, the strap get snapped by the safety system.

Test method Pull the polyester strap to count the number to get snapped
Test purpose Pull the polyester strap to check the safety mechanism
Quantity to be tested 10 pieces for each item

* Adhesion of Putit main part : Ultrasonic wave
* Polyester strap is made in Japan in black color



When the force of about 5-10kg is added, Putit buckle will get snapped.


Lock system is released with 3.5 to 4.5kg force to cause the strap come out from the main part.

Item name Reel strap 105
Test method Fix the strap at the vise to measure the values of pulling force when the strap gets snapped and the lock release.

※ Adhesion of Putit parts are by ultrasonic wave
※ Nylon strap is made in Japan in black color
※ Buckle is produced in Japan in black color


※ Lock release mechanism causes the strap to come out from the part inside with an addition of a certain force when the strap is being pulled.


A test to assess the safety or hazards presented by materials. Putit cleared the global standards.



A test to measure the level of fading that occurs with a material when the strap contacts to water or perspiration.



A test to assess whether materials being used meet the standards of green procurement activities perspiration
※ Green procurement is an activity to purchase the products, environmentally friendly products or materials, or to purchase preferentially from companies giving consideration to environmental loads.