Kyoko Imafuku, President of Kwork Planning Ltd. Co. has been managing a membership couture salon since 20 years ago as her motto that each and every client get pleased with her designed dress.

From one client to second , third and so on, her good reputation continued spreading, resulting in her to lead the every day without having any time to rest. In her endless quest to please clients, her strenuous life continued regardless of day or night.

Even she considered herself physically in good shape, her energy didn’t last as she expected.

She suddenly lost hearing sense in one ear ten years ago.

Her strenuous life caused her to develop sudden hearing loss.

She was unable to hear what she had used to hear.
She was unable to hear even the cell phone as well as the door chime of visitors.

At that time, she couldn’t come up with the simple thought that the vibration can do a job ev en if she doesn’t hear a ring-tone of the cell phone.

This frustrating experience led her to come to an idea of wearing a tailor’s measure around the neck to feel a vibration.

She purchased a nicely designed measure to develop PUTIT by her own.

That is an original type of PUTIT.

However, the strap doesn’t stop in your desired length.

In the early stage of PUTIT development, there was no notion of “Retractable Strap”. When she thought of this retractable strap, she just wondered why such a convenient item was not in the market.

In developing PUTIT, her focus was to make small and light, cute-looking and safe item. Since this stage, her long, uncompromising journey for PUTIT creation started.

It took eight years of twists and turns , but finally she succeeded in commercializing PUTIT.